Monday, January 30, 2012

I'll Be Back!

hello!!! guess what! i decided to come back here to blogger. whyyyy? well simply because doing my own blog with mac was quite harder than just posting it here. everything kena buat sendiri! and the torturing part is that i couldn't master understanding how to put a comment box at the end of my posts without paying for it!

yeah. setting up that blog required some moolahs. but all in all it was fun. at least i learned something out of my own field! probably the next time i would actually find the time to read on HTML and CSS editing. but not in this near future lar.

so i'll begin slowly copy-pasting some of the posts i made there and transfer it here. to welcome myself back to blogger, i decided to make time and revamp the look. whaddya think? cool eh? me likey! and it's free! hahahaha!

ok peeps. till then.

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