Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ending January...

Oh my! its already the 31st of jan! but honestly, i didn't think it went by that fast. because i'm on leave! hahaha!

So i dunno what to write about except prolly share with you what i did today.

  • Went here this morning.

  • Then here for brunch.

          To have this.

The ala carte was not as what i'd hope for. coz i've tasted better. but still managed to finish the whole plate coz i was famished!

  • And then had this. 

Chocolate cream chip (an alternative to my fave Java chip frapp!)

  • Then went home to do some cleaning. well, Mr B did mostly. (Nesting mode: ON!)                                                 

  • And after dinner, i had this.

            with this....!

Oh and no. I didn't go for the 31st Baskin Robbins special discount day. Boooooo!!!

So now, i'm off to bed. Nite nite peeps.

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