Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dear baby girl...

Salam my dearest Maryam.

You're only about to enter the 3rd month of your life here on earth. and so many things have happened around you, be it good or bad. As of right now, these are the things that have been taking over my timeline:

1. Final nights of Ramadhan
2. Gaza under attack
3. ANOTHER MAS tragedy

Not in timeline:

4. Your first trip overseas. Singapore still counts sayang.
5. Uncle Farid got engaged

And that doesn't include the transition of your beloved brother Yusuf to becoming the now-accepting and loving brother to you. I'm glad coz i don't think i can handle anymore of his jealous streaks and tantrums before. i know you're loving his smothering and kisses right?

Well as much as the happiness and rizq was blessed to our family, i can't help getting over the fact that news like 2 and 3 can really get my mood down. Not to mention the anger to some @%@# people reacting to the whole thing. So here's what i can teach you from my humble experience about the world.

You see, we cannot avoid not interacting with other people, or live in a cocoon to prevent the news of the outside world to not affect us. Its useless to even try. It might not affect us directly, but nevertheless we would still feel them. get emotional about them. the best way to handle it is to tolerate. If you can tolerate people, or a situation well, you will not suffer greatly. Of course tolerance has its limits. There are times where you must know when to stand up against something too. Hopefully i will be at my best to show you how it is done sayangs.

To know the palestinians's bravery to set their foot down and stand up against tyranny by staying put to their OWN country (mind you!), is just amazing. The kind of bravery worthy of jannah in a split second. Here i am getting really upset (stock nanges meroyan punyer!) seeing photos of children in blood and men and women not in one piece, just because "some people" don't have a home and find it ok to kill other people's to call their own! pfftt!!! But daddy said to me, while calming me down, that they know what they're in for. and they're more than happy to die defending their own country knowing they'll be meeting Allah and head straight for jannah! For all you know, the minute they were bomb or shot to death, their souls departed, and seeing what's waiting for this mujahids, they'll be like "wow!! this is great! i'm finally here! hey people! you are all missing this! this is waaaaayy better than what's down there on earth!"

Subhanallah! Allahu akbar! To know there's a group of them with spirits praying to be syahadahs on their mission defending palestine, is just too awesome for me. i'm literally in awe and full of tears. Like right now. I had to stop typing because to imagine them willing to do this with such honour and bravery, it transgresses anything that defines courage to me. They are indeed the chosen ones, those palestinians cayang. May Allah bless us the same reward in whatever we can do here with our lives. insyaAllah.

Got to go honey. too emotional to go on blogging. my waterworks' pretty hard!

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