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2 month old english tea for you ma'am??

hello helloooooo!!!

Gosh! i really did it this time haven't i! the whole month of May AND June without any post? Dah puasa plak tu!!! Thus i thought the title should be appropriately called that! sorry readers! it's not that i don't have anything to write about. I do! but i have this habit of wanting to write stuff that have impacts you know? if it's about what i do in my daily life, then i don't really have that much stuff to write! kinda routine at the moment. 

But fret not! Have i got stuff to share with you! I disappeared the whole month of May because i, hubby and baby Yusuf were away for nearly 3 weeks! and honestly, it's to a place that i've been dreaming to go back but thought it won't be that soon.. LONDON! *yeaaaayyyyy!* I'm telling you peeps, Allah IS listening to our doas! so don't give up! Mintak jangan tak mintak! hehehehe.

The reason for our trip there was because hubs was assigned for a work task for his boss. and the task was pretty personally related; he is gonna get married! So he was generous enough to let hubs bring us along to and have our own first overseas-holiday as a family! Alhamdulillah! So i know just rambling about it ain't gonna be fun and realistic without pictures (trust me, there's A LOT of them, juling mata nak pilih coz rasa nak letak semua!). So sit comfortably and enjoy this long post of our trip to good ol' London! 

Do i really have to explain myself?
A pic at the airport to tell the world ur on
vacay is a must no? ;P

We flew by Qatar Airways!
The best thing about travelling with a baby is
that you get front row , personal family seats!
Dah berkampung dah kat bawah tu!

Transit in Doha for 4 hours

Intrigued by their outfits!

Dah sampai alhamdulillah! our place for a few days!
Arrived at about 11pm london time!

The next morning. already the view is soo english!

The view from the front hall!

Now who wouldn't want to make use of a huge
OOTD mirror right?
Bayswater baby!
Front door!

Malaysian Hall for brunch! Dont worry,
tak rindu lar makanan Msia dah. except condensed milk
should be smuggled to London.

I like this place mommy! auuww yer ker cayang??
ok nnt kita pergi lagi k! ;P

dah berjinak-jinak nampak! hehe angin london ni mesti!

Berlagak jadi student jap. or maybe
future ambassador? ;P

feeling2 Daniel Craig! 

I must admit, the tubes are not as scary the last time i was here!
That was yonks ago of course! 

itu bukan bag nak balik k. tu bag nak isi barang
shopping! :P
first thing one must do, is to get a local number
so that we can contact our loved ones... cheaply! 
Haaaaaa.... Wallet dah start menggigil2 dah tu!

First and only stop on our first day. sebab jetlag!

Our solution to help with the jetlag!

A modified version of my fave java chip frappe.
London takder ok! tp nasib sedap jugak!
Next day: Another vain OOTD moment with hubs plak!
Trenchie from Primark, GBP18 only! ;D

Holiday villa was just next door to us. Alternative
Malay breakfast spot!

Notice the "invisible" paperbags? tunggu lar.
nama pun 2nd day! :P
Next day: why is it Yusuf likes to pose mcm ni eh?
Mommy suruh!
London Bus Tour dayyy!!!

Let's update our history and geography
on London baby!

Err... no thanks mommy! Just wake me up
when we're at cool stops ok!

"Eh, tak besar mana lar rumah si Elizabeth ni!"
Hubs' not impressed apparently.

Well i'm here sbb nak join the hundreds others
feeling2 tourist! hehehe

The faithful Big Ben.
But ive yet to hear him chime!

Cruise trip! And i'm on mommy like
every friggin time! Cruise or no cruise!

For those yg dunno like me, THIS is the
London bridge yg tak tahu bila nak falling down
tu ok! Definitely looks like it will be bulldozed down
This one is the Tower Bridge. God forbid
this one falls down!

Don't be fooled by his calm and steady face.
We were shivering cold!!
So what better way to warm up with a hot
kue teow!!! and teh ais for me. Dont care how
cold it gets, i need my iced drinks!
The famous Tukdin! Must come here ok peeps!

Next day: Notting Hill here we come!

Really liked these mini frame thingies!
but so bummed i didn't buy any of them!

Saturday was the best day to go.
The place will be swarmed!

And then, while your tummy is doing the hokey pokey,
u come across a signage saying "MAKAN".
Yup! another malay resto! and this is said to be the
mother (pioneer) of all malay mushrooms in London!
Teh ais dia the best so far!

That's right baby! 1Malaysia in London!

just posing to tell uolls that despite the lovely
hot sun, it was friggin cold! Honest!

but cold2 pun, nak jugak pergi Hyde Park!

On Sundays, they have Speaker's corner!
They would talk on various issues (some
controversial ones) and others would just come and listen!
The beauty of civilisation!

There's a talk on Islam! Gotta give
dakwah efforts an A+ for them!
London is not a muslim country mind you!

Smiling through gritted teeth!
(and a red nose for bubba!)

Mommy!!! Enough with the manja2 with
daddy already!!!!
Oklar cayang! time to go back!
Nothing matters as long as ur in there right?

The remaining days while waiting for the soon-to-wed couple to arrive, was spent on more sightseeings and simply enjoying the town and weather. But i didn't like instagram allll of it lar kan. I also got the chance to catch up with some friends during my stay!

At Whiteleys. This mall reminds me of
Bangsar village. Not busy, me like!

And somehow Yusuf met a friend. Her name
is Paloma. She's half polish i think. Yusuf
was doing most of the babbling tho. She was
a good listener too! *eh! dah lain mcm
plak bunyi caption ni!*
My gorgeous uni-friend, Dr Eileen! currently
on her maternity leave yg lagi best dari Malaysia
punyer! And that's the adorable Rhys!

Gosh! Geram ok budak ni! nak picit2!

But somehow, someone doesn't approve.
This is my close gf during our early years in
med school at bukit jalil, the beautiful Dr Syikin!
She's now staying in UK for good! me soo jelly!!!

Aunty Syikin makan kat Harrods ni tak ajak
Yusuf ker???

Oklar, next time jumpa lagi ok aunty!
Nanti kawin jgn lupa jemput! And to include
the paid flight tickets in your wedding card! ;P
Sooooo, that's how much i get to upload for the time being. Penat ok, sebab trying to juggle doing this while bubba is napping or sleeping, and at the same time, trying to get the house chores or errands done before i can finally have my me time! i could have done it on my hp, but the blogger app for iphone sucks i'm afraid.

Anyways, part 2 is when the purpose of us being here will be elaborated more (i hope it won't take me another 2 months!!).  But in case that happens (haha!), guess i'll leave you with this aptly taken pic, which i hope to explain in the next post:

Salam Aidilfitri from us (in the future!) from London!

Puasa tak habis dah wish raya?! heheheh. 

SALAM RAMADHAN to all muslims!

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