Friday, April 5, 2013

My new desk file!

Salam everyone! and yes it's the same salutation to you of other faiths too! it means peace ok? dont panic! ;P

ok. i have to make this a quick one, coz the bubba is napping and i just settled down from my morning chores.

for those of you who wonder what it is i do everyday, that sometimes i don't get to answer your phone call or reply your text immediately, that's because... yeap.. u guessed it.. i'm pretty busy. this is what i sometimes feel like recording in my voice message:

Since everyone at work has a desk file (or fail meja! lol! this still gets me everytime!), i also decide to delineate mine. And to Yusuf, who might be reading this post one day, mommy's not complaining ok?At least i think i'm not! hehe. So the day goes roughly like this:

1. wake up, prepare hubby's stuff to go to work
2. then bubba wakes up to have a small "play-i-miss-you-daddy" time before he goes to work
3. then i have something for breakfast (need to eat or else i'd be hypoglycaemic)
4. then bathe bubba
5. feed bubba (this is the time i also play with phone to pass the time)
6. bubba have his morning nap
7. at the same time, i do the laundry (ours) and washed bubba's diapers manually before chucking them in the washing machine
8. fold yesterday's clothes from the drier (yes, i do my laundry nearly everyday!)
9. clean the kitchen
10. clean the living room
11. go online, read or watch tv in quiet mode since bubba is still asleep
12. bubba wakes up, cancel the above step (this happens most of the time btw)
13. play, read and feed bubba (do not underestimate the hardship of this step!)
15. repeat above step till lunch time. That would also make as step 14. (Coz it's pretty long as you can imagine).
16. lunch time: try to eat with a clinging and crying bubba who wants to play or feed (gobbling is my
new hobby with food nowadays)
17. repeat step 13 till tea time (told ya!)
18. doing something similar to step 16
19. try to put bubba down for his evening nap
20. if the above don't work, take bubba swimming or repeat step 13 (ehem ehem!)
21. prepare dinner while carrying bubba in a sling or do a live cooking documentary with bubba on the other side of the safety gate (think Giada or Alton brown, those are his fave)
22. bathe bubba
23. daddy comes home
24. errmm... sorry, no step 24. daddy coming home denotes the end of mommy-and-bubba only activities. *phew!* Well most of it anyways.

So peeps, that is how it goes down most of the time. Of course, it doesn't include casual outings or other impromptu activities. if that happens, it's simple. the chores just get postponed.


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