Thursday, August 16, 2012

Them little, but significant things...


We are nearing the syawal month of raya! But we are also leaving the holy month of ramadhan soon too. But fret not! There's still 2 more days! So insyaAllah we can still make the most out of it. ;)

Wanted to share about something that i, (and most probably quite a number of you) took for granted. Yesterday, we went to the market (pasar) to restock some food till this weekend. Haven't succumb to pasar ramadhan food so far! So upon coming back home, hubby just started sniffling and sneezing. Uh oh! I was hoping it will be temporary. But alas, he felt worse that evening itself. He was also weak today too.

Then i remembered of a doa i came across before and it's regarding one when you should read when you enter a market! Now, i wonder why this doa was taught by our prophet pbuh in the first place? I mean what can really happen at a pasar right? But since hubby's sudden illness came about exactly after we set foot out of the place, i'm starting to believe anything is possible!

This is how it goes:

Interesting kan? Sure it might have been a coincidence, but since i know there is such doa, insyaAllah i'm going to practice it in future. Plus, a lot of things are yet to be disovered since the Quran was brought down to our prophet pbuh (centuries ago mind you!), and only some (if not little!) are recently detected and learned. Like the famous theory on how stars are "created" every now and then in space described as the red rose phenomenon? Well that info was already told to an illiterate man without astronomical knowledge or even a telescope through surah Ar-Rahman (my fave surah btw!) in these verses:
And when the heaven is split open and becomes rose-colored like oil, so which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (Ar-Rahman 37-38)
Subhanallah! Therefore i take anything i learn from our prophet pbuh through hadiths that are sahih (legitimate, true) and the Quran without question. Hopefully a lot of you do too. But as quoted by one of our famous Islamic scholar Dr Asri : "if anything you learn claiming it is from our religion but they sound or look stupid (illogical), then it is not Islam." I don't know about you, but he's spot on on that one! And it makes me a lot more confident to filter the facts i receive from people!

Therefore, let's hope that we will increase our awareness of the often neglected things in life. For those of you who are interested, i read this book titled "Hisnul Muslim" by Sheikh Dr Said, and i find it an excellent book that compiles a lot of doas and zikir that is of sahih sources of the hadiths and from the Quran. So you don't have to worry about practising the wrong ones.

do excuse the worn-out cover!
Plus you'll be surprise to know that our doa to break fast IS NOT the common one that we are taught and being played in the upin ipin adverts on tv! Makes me wonder who made that doa up since the prophet pbuh never read it, kan? *jeng jeng jeng!!!*

So, I hope my hubby recovers soon. Looking positively, his sins are being washed away during this misfortune. As Allah had promised. Alhamdulillah! =)

Till then. Selamat beramal.

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