Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Not-so Secret 7's!


Yes. My son is 6 months old already.

No. I have not started him on solid foods. And i don't plan to yet.

Yes. He is still breastfeeding.

Yes. You may ask me why.

Yes. We can discuss this nicely and privately.

No. You may not have a public brawl with me on this matter.

No. You shall not impose your plans to my son.

No. You shall not post your opposing ideas on my facebook wall.

No. You're not allowed to feed my son without my permission.

No. You're not allowed to feed my son without my permission, secretly.

Yes. You can call me Dr Fatin.

Yes. I know what i'm doing.

Yes. You're welcome to respect my decisions on my family.

No. I have no problem in you minding your own business.

Thank you and have a good day.


  1. Annoying kan these people who try to dictate how we should raise our baby, what to feed them, what not to feed them etc etc.

    We appreciate advice (because nobody's perfect & we're not always right) but it's really up to us whether we want to put it to use or not !


    1. true. apparently some people can't distinguish the difference between advising and forcing, can't move on with their lives when their "advice" is rejected politely, thinks we can never get it right the first time, oh it can go on mel!

      I probably annoy them for pointing it out! hehe.

  2. once, when i was out having lunch with alwi (who was then about 10 months old) and my sister, i was feeding him watermelon... good wholesome watermelon... when suddenly this random makcik popped out from nowhere telling me not to give watermelon because, as she said it, "buah tu sejuk". gosh i just hate it when random people pop up like that, uninvited, and also when they say anything would cause "angin", "sejuk", or even "sampok". argh just go die.

    1. Hahahahah!!! Gotta love ur last expression babe!