Thursday, July 19, 2012

High 5!


Alhamdulillah you're 5 months today baby! I guess mommy has nothing much to share except to tell you how truly excited i am prepping to be a great mom to you in His eyes insyaAllah!

This month we did a first thing together didn't we? yeap! we attended courses together! those courses i enroll are hoping to help and guide me to raise you well, because motherhood is all new to me. So like all things new, mommy has to learn them first. And to think there are sooo many sources to learn this from ie books, internet and seminars, we are sure blessed to be living in the modern world of technology! And like you sayang, you're learning everyday! Subhanallah! Hopefully the thirst for knowledge will stay with you always (and me too!). I'm also very thankful at how well you behaved throughout the long hours! and not to mention the pretty long drive with just you and me! Of course the occasional traffic jams didn't help much. Coz we don't really like them do we? hehe!

Since mommy is typing this post while you wriggling ( and wanting to jump) on my lap in between, I have to make this a short one.  To sign off, the two key important things i've learned is not to underestimate your capability in learning now, and to also do things only for Allah to achieve eternal peace and happiness. So hopefully i will remain consistent to do this and to always seek His blessings in the process!

ok. you want to jump some more. sorry i had to do this now coz i've been trying to find the time so i thought of multitasking. turns out it's not a good idea! ;P

Till then.

With mommy Dyla and baby Hannah at Celik momz by Prof Muhaya!
Ada budak tu boleh tido plak! hehe!

enough mommy! i want to play please!

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