Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And he's 4!

Dearest Yusuf,

Ahaa! We meet again alhamdulillah! And you are now 4 months old! And yes, it was 4 months ago that mommy was trying to push you out into the world and *plop* you fell onto the blanket! Hehehe. Yeap. I'm sure gonna go into this birth-memory trips everytime you turn a month older. Somehow as it reaches further and further away from that day, it feels less dramatic. but thankfully not losing any of its exclusivity.

Speaking of special, the past 4 months you have definitely made mommy know one trait you've inherited from me and daddy. And that is sensitive skin! Hehehe. Yeap. I have problems battling out lil bugs that find you interestingly sweet enough to bite into! I was even next to you where you were fully clad with clothes than i was, and yet! They insist biting on you instead of the oversize meat like me! *sigh!*

Well i know i can't promise you the world or protect you from all evil or danger either. but i know Allah will. I can only try my best, but the absolute protection will be from our very own Protector. So if He says "yes lil bug, you may bite Yusuf instead of the mommy despite her cleaning and changing the bedsheet every week to keep you away from him" then i can't really do much now can i? Hehe.

And yes. I don't plan to keep you in a bubble like that jake gylenhaal movie either. But i guess the sight of your allergic reactions to some bites makes me go bonkers with horror, regardless of the fact that you were smiling happily with the "it dont bother me" look on your face. i guess i should start taking the "go easy mommy" cue from you.

Other than that, you're still working on your turn. Its happening more frequently now. And you've made it a few times on your own but your other hand is still caught under your weight. And your obvious motivation is when i lie down next to you and you will turn to drink your milk! Hehe. But that's a good start in learning to embrace the challenges in your life later. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. (tempted to type out Aaliyah's version!) ;P

Amongst other things, you're getting better at gripping stuff too (especially my garments when ur feeding or when I'm carrying you). Not to mention, u are much more vocal than before! I love every of our chatty moments! Hehe. But most of all, i love the fact that everytime i left u sleeping alone, like when i went to get a drink from the kitchen, you'll wake up crying for me. It's probably because my scent is out of your olfactory radar. But i don't mind if i have to whiz myself back to you, or carry you in my arms for the longest hour till you doze off. Or when you won't go to sleep if i'm not sleeping beside you too and leave the ongoing chores behind. I don't mind a single bit. In fact i love it! It makes me feel wanted. And loved too. And i would do it a thousand times more if given the chance. 😍

That's all i have to share for now baby. I thank God everyday for His excellent care over you. Mommy loves you much much!

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