Friday, April 6, 2012

Who said you can take my baby??!!

Salam. today's topic is actually pretty serious for me. and yes. i be trippin' big time!

As you can see, i'm a first time mom. so yeah having a baby is all new to me. an exciting journey being explored everyday. So like all things that are "new", i would of course be extremely cautious than normal. Like how i treat my other once-new things. With a 24-hour surveillance camera. Of my own. So here i would like to tell you.

I'm prolly partly OCD when it comes to my stuff. Especially the ones that i deem precious to me. I'm not denying that i have a tendency to take care of it well and try my best to restore them to their original form as when they were first purchased or given. So where's the OCD part you ask? well it's when people starts messing with them. WITHOUT my permission. i would throw a bitch-fit when someone ruins my stuff! i dont care even if it's accidental sometimes! (if u don't trust me, ask my siblings!). It's already hard for me to say "no, u can't take it." without getting a response like "eee! sombongnyer!" or "eee! kedekutnyer!!". but trust me, my respond will be "eh! suka hati lar! go get one yourself lar if u nak!". i mean, technically and logically speaking, who's the one with the rights here??!! geddit?? and why is it that when i politely declined your polite request for it, I am perceived as being rude? Me?? can't you just accept my privacy/decision and move on but at the same time we're still cool?

Oh cannooootttt!!! Not among us Malaysians i noticed. Surely they will label you as "stingy" one!!! so let's say lar, i actually submit to giving them to "borrow" or "hold" my stuff. then they ruin it (ie. dropped it, ripped it, squashed it, spoiled it, scratched it, etc etc). Do u even think they would want to replace it? let's say the thing costs quite a lot. or it's one of those special one-and-only piece that you might not get it anymore. then how? they'll prolly just smile nervously and just say sorry. and walk away and not contact you for aeons as if you're never known to them! it's even worse when that person is someone you're not even acquainted to and they just take your stuff to admire and BAMM!! it's broken/spoiled/squashed/scratched etc etc. and then they smile and say sorry and walk away! aaaaargghhhh!!! trust me! if it's legal, i would break every bone in their hands and then say "yeap! it's fair now!"

grrrrrrrr!!!!! i wish i had his arms for that situation!
So let's get to my point. What if this was to happen to your baby? i give u a verrrrrrryyyyyyyy common situation and what people normally do. You walk into a store, with your baby, then someone (anybody ranging from the salesgirl or u bumped into your not-so-close neighbour) just shrieked their hello to you and straight away takes your baby off your hands/or from your stroller and shrieks again saying "cuuuuuutteeeeenyerrrrr!!! eeeeeeee!!!!". and you just stand there, numbed, appalled, angry, shocked, all in one, but still lets this person robbed your baby from you! yes! robbed!!! whyyyyy??? COZ THEY NEVER ASK YOUR PERMISSION!!!!! so tell me, mcm mana i tak rasa nak punch them in the face! rude kannnn??!! but it's also my fault. coz i kinda accidentally allowed it. I could have voiced out and say "eh! give me back my baby!" and snatch it off their (thankfully) unbroken hands! 

So enlightened me peeps. who would have the courage to do this? i mean if it's your car, u dare not let anyone drive it at first right? well most of you anyways. but how come we can just sit back and let this happen to our CHILD? and to only curse quietly?? seriously. i don't think your benz means more to you than your baby right??!! me don't like this thing one bit. and it has happened to me. but yes, i'm ashamed as i just let my baby being held without them asking my permission first. Apa salahnya tanya kan? like how you would normally do when you want to use the bathroom at your friend's house. even that also you asked! ini kan someone's child! sooo rude! and it's even worse when they have the flu and STILL wants to hold and kiss the baby!!! I mean COME ON!!! It's like you don't mind hugging or kissing someone with TB or the lepers!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaarrggghhh!!!

Ok fatin, calm down. but how can i really? these people that does this don't see themselves as being rude. and yet the person voicing out her rights is considered rude in general. how.... &%#$% up is that? They are either uneducated or their own mommies never taught them manners. Sometimes, i don't even know if i should write this post to "educate" people to have manners and ask first for something, or to tell the victims to voice out to these ignorant prats to stop this madness! *sigh*

I noticed the caucasians can say what they want without coming across as "sombong" or "kedekut" by our people. Which is sad really. So guess what, from now on, i don't give a flying... errr.... i don't give a damn anymore! If you just take my son off my hands or his stroller again, do expect what will come to you. Of course i will say it nicely. At first lar! but if you don't understand simple malay/english language, then yeaaa... i don't think i can be that nice. but try not to get the green hulk pounce on you from inside me ok?

There. I've said what i wanted to say. I'm hoping it helps through blogging. I'm sure by knowing this, some of you (if you've been doing this kinda stuff all your life!) will learn to be more considerate the next time. Just because it hasn't happen to you yet, it doesn't mean you're allowed to do it to other people. And just because you don't mind that it happens to your baby, it doesn't give you God-given RIGHTS to do it to other people.

Especially MINE. 


  1. Hahahah....I also hate those ppl with flu or cough come near my bb...Please lar...keep those viruses to themselves lar...My hubs n my in laws think that I m overacted but seriously...if anything happened, siapa yang susah??? The bb and the mother lar!!! Being a mother is not easy..

    1. you're right! it is tough! and yes! kita jugak yg susah! but hopefully i get to do this correctly enough. sedih kan? *sigh*

  2. i noticed this usually happens with first time mothers... not sure why. when it happened to me i kept quiet the first few times, but after a while i thought, "eh, this is my kid, and if i'm uncomfortable with it i shud say something", so i did. i also would tell people with the sniffles to not touch the baby (alwi was born during the H1N1 epidemic scare so i had very valid reasons back then) and would also tell well-meaning relatives to wash their hands first before touching arya. all very very valid requests, dontcha think?

    also, as for strangers picking up our kids, i think they really shudn't, not without asking us. a friend of mine almost had her kid kidnapped, according to her she was "hypnotised" and felt helpless to do anything as the stranger almost walked away with her baby ... dont know how true that is, but still. Strangers? i think no.

    1. sangat2 valid! tu lar! it did make me wonder why we were naturally shy like this. the upbringing? culture? whatever it is, it's not a good practice. yea, strangers picking up our kids as if they would even dare to take our hp off our hands! i pun dah tak kisah dah what ppl want to think. be polite and ask then you'd be treated politely as well.

      oh. and that pukau thing sounds so freakin scary!!!