Friday, February 3, 2012

Of Cravings and Peculiarities...

Salam! I'm sure all of you preggy mommies out there have had your fair share of odd cravings for food or daily eccentricities. Well, today I wanna share mine!

As for food cravings, I'm lucky enough to not have bizarre ones that requires me or hubby to travel halfway across Malaysia to get them (or maybe more of lucky him!). They're usually the stuff that can be easily obtained and still around. So sometimes, when people ask me what my food cravings are, most of the time i'd answer none or just the usual stuff one would probably crave even when not pregnant. So here is mine:

  • Nasi Lemak!

        I had to have one of this coconut-flavoured rice nearly every day during my 1st trimester! Sometimes i would have it twice a day as well! ;P

  • Ice creams and sweet desserts!
Oh yeahhh! I had a sweet tooth, sorry! still have an exaggerated sweet tooth till now! Below are some of the things i'd go for more than just a 3-time trip for it!

Delicious's Brownies with vanilla ice-cream!

Tutti frutti froyo!

Java chip frapp! 
Technically, this one doesnt really count coz i crave for it when i wasn't pregnant as well. But i'm glad it stays! And as an alternative to a non-coffee beverage, i'd go for the chocolate cream chip which is just as nice without the coffee-kick!

Ice lollies!
And exactly these two!!! I would have Mr B stock these up so it'd be easier for me to indulge them whenever i wanted!

Ok. I know this sounds scary and that i'm putting myself at risk of getting diabetes, but thank God my blood sugar level during check ups have been verryyy normal! But yeah, i should drop it down a notch too. ;P

  • Sushi!

I know some doctors are against eating these during pregnancy. This is due to higher risks of developing bad side effects of food poisoning secondary to unhygienic handling of raw food. But i'd mostly go for the cooked ones and sometimes the occasional raw ones, on the condition that the restaurant is clean and has unreported cases of food poisoning.

So those are roughly my food cravings. As for peculiarities, I only notice one. And that would be my verrrrrryyy prominent heightened sense of liking for SOAP! 


From bodywash to dishwashing liquids, i feel exhilarated playing with the bubbles and enjoying the lovely fresh fragrance! Whenever I'm at Bangsar Village's restrooms, and so far only here, that i would frequently visit, and wash my hands with their soap over and over again! It is sooooo WANGI! hahaha! And now i don't even mind taking over my hubby's house chore of doing the dishes because i can play with the thick bubbles and enjoy the whisk of fresh lemony scent! Weird huh? But seriously! Me likey a lot! haha!

Well that's all for now. I must admit it is a wonderful feeling to go through this as i would probably   be unaware of when i'm not pregnant. Strange, but deliciously sweet and exciting at the same time! All of which I'm ever so thankful for. Alhamdulillah.



  1. with my first pregnancy i always wanted to eat western food... pelik kan? this time around takdelah craving sangat, just the odd burger kampung tengah malam sekali dua... hehe...

    1. haha! alwi ada hint anak mat salleh tu! i yg suka bau sabun tu agak pelik lar! hehehe!