Thursday, February 2, 2012

And the Journey Begins...

Assalamualaikum and a great day to all...

Oh my! i'm actually doing this! my very own "mommy" blog! *screaaaaaammmmmmsss!!!*

ok. Cannot scream-scream anymore! i have to be a more responsible adult! I'm gonna be a mommy! Alhamdulillah!

To tell you the truth, i'm actually looking forward to become a mommy! so i made this blog to share my experiences on some of the preparations i did, and currently doing, throughout my pregnancy of our first, beloved son, and hopefully, to share my thots on how i'm bringing up my lil khalifah to the world! InsyaAllah!

So as the first entry, i'd just share a little story of how blessed i am to experience this next stage of womanhood and having a third title behind my name. As a mother. :)

A lil history...

I've been married for about 2 years plus now, and i was actually pregnant after just entering our 2nd month of marriage! but God has other plans for me and my husband at the time, becoz i miscarried at about 12 weeks of gestation. Being a normal person, i was devastated. But my hubby was such a darl that he was there to support and comfort me thru that difficult time. He did made it alot easier for me to huddle through the ordeal. I was blessed that it was a complete abortion and did not have dilatation and curettage done. 

So fast forward to 1 year and 2 months later, (pretty exact huh!) we were blessed to have conceived our current baby. I think it happened in Phuket! or maybe after coming back from the trip! haha! Basically after 6 months of break suggested by the gynae after the miscarriage, we decided to have a little time of our own and enjoy our life together as a couple before a baby arrives.  Our plans involved mini getaways around Malaysia and (some) just within the southeast asia region!

I must say it was an excellent way to put my mind off the mundane work routine and also the stress i was giving myself at times to become pregnant! Not to mention it was the "natural" way before we decided to get ourselves checked medically. So stress is a health hazard peeps! Confirmed!

My last menstrual period (LMP) was on 12/05/2011 and am expected to be due (EDD) on the 16/02/2012. I am therefore currently at my 38th week. yikes! About 2 weeks away!!! *excited yet nervous at the same time!* Although, statistics pointed out that only 4% of pregnant moms around the world delivers on their EDD (read this in one of the editions of Reader's Digest). So yeahhh.... technically it could be anytime soon!!! *lagi excited!*

So there it is in a nutshell. Looking forward to update my next post. And do pray for me a safe, and easy and BEAUTIFUL birthing experience. InsyaAllah. :)

In the mean time, it's back to enjoying my 2-hourly meals and naps in between! A privilege, i must say that i get to do only when i'm pregnant. And i can get away with it guilt-free!

Till then!

The bloated me! 
But who would have known that i would love this look and love carrying the bump proudly! Stretch marks and all! ;P

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